Early diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma a must - Dr.Renu Dhasmana

Awareness campaign launched under World Glaucoma Week

Department of Ophthalmology of Himalayan Hospital Jollygrant made people aware

Glaucoma awareness weeklong campaign was organised by the Ophthalmology Department of Himalayan Hospital Jollygrant.  In this people were informed about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Glaucoma.  Dr. Renu Dhasmana, Head of Department of Ophthalmology, appealed to the people and patients to get Glaucoma checked on time.

In the awareness program organized by the Department of Ophthalmology on Friday, the students of Optometry disseminated information about the symptoms of black cataract and its identification through a skit.  When the symptoms emerge patients must take treatment according to the doctor's advice.  Students also gave information about Cataract to the people coming to the OPD of the hospital through poster exhibition.

Himalayan Hospital
Himalayan Hospital

Head of Department of Ophthalmology Dr. Renu Dhasmana said that Glaucoma is also known as black cataract.  In most cases of glaucoma, no symptoms are visible nor  is there  pain, so it is also considered a major cause of blindness.  In glaucoma, there is pressure on the optic nerve of our eyes, due to which they suffer a lot.  She  further informed that  if someone in the family has glaucoma, then other members are more likely to have it.

Dr. Harsh Bahadur stated that people after crossing the age of 40 should get their eyes checked by an eye specialist once a year. Glaucoma specialist Dr. Neelam Verma said that even if no member of the family is suffering from glaucoma, one should definitely get ones eyes checked once every two years.  There is no one test to diagnose glaucoma, which is why there are difficulties.  Several types of tests are done to check glaucoma.  Glaucoma is confirmed only on the basis of test reports.  Once damage to the eyes is caused by glaucoma, it cannot be reversed.  During this Dr. Amit Maitreya, Dr. Sukhdeep Bains, Dr. Udit Raj Sharma  were present among others.