At Himalayan Hospital, NABL accredited state of the art laboratories designed with the latest technology and world-class equipment help in identifying the minutest anomalies in the body. Department of Laboratory Medicine at Himalayan Hospital handles all patients requiring diagnostic analysis & preventive tests. Automated machines conduct all procedures with a check on quality results.

Blood, Urine, Feces, Body fluid like Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Peritoneal fluid (Ascitic fluid), Synovial fluid, Sputum and sweat, operated part of the body, Biopsy materials, Bone marrow and Renal calculi are examined for effective diagnosis of diseases.

With an array of scans and procedures, we are equipped to identify any condition in the body and treat it as per the patient’s medical requirements

We have a modern labs that offers various diagnostic facilities in the areas of

Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Pathology
Microbiology Serology
Histopathology Cytopathology
Haematology Metabolic disorders
Toxicology Transfusion Medicine
  • Histopathology & Cytopathology

    The sub-speciality deals with giving opinion on specimens from Cardiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Transplant unit, Oncology etc. The department of Histopathology & Cytopathology give the diagnostic & prognostic applications related to the field of oncology.

  • Hematology

    The sub-speciality caters to providing comprehensive diagnosis of haematological disorders. The division of haematology specializes in conducting routine lab tests and provides study of haemolytic, haemostatic & oncologic disorders.

  • Microbiology

    The facilities of automated blood culture and its continuous monitoring for early and accurate diagnosis of sepsis are available at the department of Microbiology.

  • Serology

    Serological tests for the infectious diseases such as Hepatitis markers, HCV, HIV, typhoid, autoimmune panels, and critical care assessment markers are done.

  • Biochemistry

    Routine Biochemical, tumour markers Rochee411 and hormone assay tests are carried out.

  • Clinical Pathology

    Deals with analysis of body fluid samples including urine, stool, semen etc.