Nursing is a profession within the health care sector. Its primary focus is enabling patients, families, and communities recover from ailments, maintain optimal health and quality of life. Nursing as a profession is unique by its nature of a high demand on the right kind of balance between the head (intelligence) and the heart (emotions). Every nurse irrespective of their role is facing with this challenge each day.

This practice involves many specialties. Nurses work in collaboration with other healthcare practitioners such as physicians, physical therapists and psychologists. Nursing care promotes self care concepts enabling patients to meet their basic human needs in coping with their health status throughout their life cycle. Nursing involves a broad approach to health care aimed at a healthy society through education of public.

Common Venereal Diseases include :

  • To provide to the patient a quality of nursing care that can be measured and evaluated at reasonable cost.
  • To create a working environment that encourages professional growth and personal satisfaction for all levels of nursing practice.
  • To provide an environment that facilitates nursing education and research and its application to patients under nursing practice.
  • To foster a positive, professional image of nursing to the public through community services and professional relations.

Our Efforts

The Himalayan Hospital is an advanced treatment hospital that provides acute care and advanced medical care. It is for this reason that our nursing department believes in the importance of increasing the human power of healing with “nursing that enhances patients’ vitality.” To this end, all of our departments have raised their ethical standards and are committed to practicing “nursing that sees, feels, and thinks” that is based on fundamental knowledge and skills.


The Nursing Department aims to serve patients effectively at all dimensions of medical treatment to either outpatient departments, emergency rooms, in wards, critical wards, operating theatres, delivery rooms and many more specialized units including continuous care in patients after their discharge from the hospital. The mission is managed by the continuous care centre. In addition, it also provides quality development, research and academic services including training programs and seminars for internal personnel. The course will be updated to comply with situations so that the personnel are equipped with the advanced training to continuously improve the quality of nursing services.


Operating Rooms Procedure Room
(radiology and Nuclear Medicine)
ER and Triage
Cath Lab Paediatric Cardiology Endoscopy
Labor room Oncology – radiation and chemotherapy areas Pain & Palliative
Dialysis Bone marrow transplantation unit Procedures/techniques necessary for care
Physical facilities Number and type of personal needed to perform care effectively Provisional of equipment and supplies

Area of work

Anesthesiology Critical-care Cardiology
Geriatrics Obstetric & Gynecological (OB-GYN) Oncology
Pediatrics Surgery and transplantation